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Weeble's friends


Splatmandu in Three Rivers, MI
Game play is from 12:00 noon to 4:00pm
The rules to this months installation of Into The Darkness 20213
This month there is a special rule!
ONE BALL: You place one ball in the feed neck of your gun at a time… shoot and repeat.
Hope to see ya'll there!


Skillkilla you get my message ? You still in?


Hello All, we''re announcing this past week's winner on Monday. Our office was closed on Friday....


Head out for Bearclaw for Black Karma's first game of the year.Mob Wars as always will be a blast


Once again, we put all of the names of the qualified posters in a hat and pulled out a winner. This week's winner is none other than DirtDiver117. Congrats! You have won a Kingman Eraser Training Pistol AND a PaintballX3 Street Team T-Shirt! Please PM me your address.





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