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It started 21 years ago in a Downtown Boston warehouse, the craftsmanship and the innovation that helped shape the custom gun market and forever defined a company... That company has returned to change the game once again.<br /><br />We are proud to announce Boston Paintball has teamed up with Planet Eclipse to resurrect the iconic "Twister" brand starting with the TWSTR LV-1.<br /><br />With the reliability and performance from Planet Eclipse's proven LV-1 platform combined with Boston Paintball's custom styling queues this limited edition marker will be a truly refined balance of form and function. Featuring 3D
From  www.pbnation.com: The deception will be using an entirely new style of valving system and is not another "version" of anything we have seen before. The new valve is a “little of a poppet” and a “little of a spool” and a “little of neither one”. It’s a morphed valve that uses lower pressure, so the gun will have a much calmer shot and will have a slimmer body than what we have seen in the past. With not many specifics yet available,this new valve will utilize some kind of variable air that is released upon firing to be really easy on paint...  www.pbnation.com
New GI Sportz tanks...





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