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Soldiers of Paint looks very good.
- 2 years ago
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  • PbLefty replied to the topic Re: Welcome! We're glad you're here... in the forum.
    I've been playing paintball for 28 years, at all type of levels. I've owned Paintball Paradise Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada since 1994, so this year will be our 20th year in business. Big Party Reunion Weekend. My team the P.A. Predators, have been around since 1988, and have traveled to play in a few spots. Pittsburgh IAO, Las Vegas GWS, Canadian Nationals, Sask. Championship Circuit (winning 10 times)and a bunch of Big Games. We hit EMR 2 years ago, and plan on going to LL7 this year. Lots of travel from Western Canada, and a fair ways north too. Always great to met all the friendly fellow paintballers from all around.
    kunena.post 717 days ago
  • Soldiers of Paint looks very good.
    profile 717 days ago





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