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OFFICIAL TRAILER #1 The Roster Season 2 starring San Antonio X-Factor -Planet Eclipse

Uploaded By: admin. Added on: 10 October 2013.
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OFFICIAL TRAILER. The Roster Season 2 Is Coming!

Planet Eclipse's The Roster is a six-episode, fly-on-the-wall docu-series that chronicles the off-season process of assembling a professional paintball team, from picking up experienced, free-agent pros to mini-camp tryouts trying to fine that diamond in the rough, the sports next superstar.

Season 2 follows San Antonio X-Factor over the course of four months during the 2013 pre-season, and the first-two events of the 2013 professional paintball season.

Beginning in January 2013, Planet Eclipse embedd their ETV production crew in San Antonio, and Austin, Texas with professional paintballers San Antonio X-Factor. For the next four months, the cameras rolled on X-Factor as they audition top pros, grind young amateur players through a brutal 2-Day elimination Mini-camp, on the way to collecting 15 top-notch players capable of winning a professional tournament.





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