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Paintball DDay Omaha 05

Uploaded By: admin. Added on: 01 December 2013.
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This game took place on june 2005 at the beaches of Villa Gessel (Buenos Aires-Argentina ). It was a Dday recreation organized by Speedsports (www.speedsports.com.ar) . The beach was beautifully prepared as you can see..., with plenty of sand obstacles, some trenches and pillboxes uphill. Recball in Argentina is growing really fast thanks to this kind of well organized scenario games.
Tokamak (Ratas de Asalto -Pb team).
More pics here : http://speedsports.com.ar/mambo/index.php?set_albumName=Corresponsalenlazona&option=com_gallery&Itemid=64&include=view_album.php





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