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Mission Statement

Paintball X3 LLC Magazine's mission is to be the leading voice of the 3 major components of our game: Gear, Woods, & Competition. Our long term vision is to unify the 3 components of our game by providing fresh unbiased views, coverage and leadership to players and the industry.

3 Components, 3 Prong Media Approach

Paintball X3 Magazine's 3 prong media approach to cover the 3 components of paintball includes a 124-page monthly Flipbook digital magazine and quarterly 140-page print magazine, the most current in-depth web portal in the game, and to support paintball fields and stores with our sister company Paintball Business Journal.


Our staff and contributors include John Amodea, Jeff Deubert, Tim Larson, Dale Ford, Dr. Daniel Williams D.C,Meagan Foster, Joey Marshall, Kat Thompson, Josh Sliverman, Cody Larson, Dan Napoli, Rick Rizzo, Chris Dilts, Chris Alessio and dozens more of the best writers, photographers and visionaries in paintball.?

The Beginnings

Paintball X3 Magazine was founded by John Amodea, a 19-year member of the paintball industry with 23 years of paintball experience. Most recently John was the executive editor of Paintball 2Xtremes Magazine, he co-founded Pev's Paintball, has been a paintball field owner and is a former professional paintball player. Paintball X3 Magazine is 100 percent independent and is not affiliated to any paintball manufacturer, distributor, store or field.





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