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Tuesday, 04 December 2012 00:00


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Ed, can you give us the quick history of Oklahoma D-Day?
Oklahoma D-DAY started 15 years ago as the bunker army surplus business started to gain speed.  Dewayne had always wanted to show respect for his grandfather Enos Armstrong as well as pay homage to those that gave on the beaches of Normandy.  He began the game with less than 150 players and the rest of course is history.

What is your roll at D-Day during the year and during the week-long event?
As the Director of Operations I am basically responsible for everything that is D-DAY.  I am basically an extension of Dewayne when he is not physically present.  My job is to try my best to keep it all together throughout the year and monitor every aspect of the event.  From the staff to the field it is my job to make sure things are close to getting done.  Unfortunately that is an overwhelming task that more times than not makes me paintball most famous bad guy.  I am the yes, no person and the one that changes for the event go through.  So there is really nothing glamorous about what I have to do.  I can say that I have met some of the most amazing people in this sport doing this job and I am thankful everyday that I have had this experience so far.  Out of everything I have done in my life I can honestly say that this is the toughest job I have ever had.

Oklahoma D-Day is a favorite event for thousands of people. What makes the event special?
I think the fact that it is so unique and it is so tough makes it appealing.  I think paintball players measure themselves by this event.  It is extreme in about every way imaginable.  It is the only game that is mentally played all year before you get there.  A person can join the ranks and get even deeper into the game at anytime.  I don't think that this game can truly be duplicated and the level of passion that goes into this game for a player is simply special.  Camping, the games and the amount of great people that you meet are extra ordinary at best and the experiences that you take home will never be forgotten.  It is a fraternity really and once you’re a part of it you really never give that up.

What do you love about working at D-Day Adventure Park and for the D-Day game itself?
I love the country and I love the solitude that the park provides. I get to basically have the park to myself to play on between events and I live here so that makes it even better.  As for the event I probably enjoy the campgrounds and all of the life that takes place during the events.  I love the people even though It may not seem like it.  Every person that comes here touches our lives in some way and I have learned from each one of them at some point.  I like the night game it has always been my favorite but the Sea Lion game on Thursday is quickly becoming my favorite to watch.

Tell us what goes into putting on an event of this magnitude.
I honestly could spend a week answering this question but I will start with logistics.  There is never enough time for all of the things that need done so we simply do what we can and keep adding year to year.  From tents to water, to air and vendors there are so many things that go into the event I really don't know where to start outside of just going crazy!

How is this year's game attendance looking?
We are currently up from last year so I hope the economy is going to let us continue to grow.

Ed do you get to play paintball much?
I have not played competitively now since taking this position although I do get to play weekly at our home field the Battle Ready.  I am scheduled to command a game in Dallas in September so hopefully I can get out and drive some troops at DFW in the fall.

Do you have an "off-season"?
Never.....We have events all year of some type and I think part of the people that come for paintball do not realize that we are doing up to sixteen other events that include airsoft and off road.

Anything else you'd like to add?
I would like to say thank you to all of the players and vendors and people like PBX3 that make our game what it is.  I don't think we really get a chance to say that enough and what has been created over the years at D-DAY Adventure Park is really all about you all.  We simply spend our time trying to put your dreams together at our park.  Without the vision of Dewayne and the hearts of the players we would have nothing here good or bad.  So if I had to offer something it would be a thank you a very special thank you.

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