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Tuesday, 04 December 2012 00:00

Team Hawkeye

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Jim, what is the history of the Team Hawkeye? When did the team form? Who started the team?
Myself, the field owner of our home field (Hawkeye Events) and one of our volunteer marshalling staff for recreational groups (Frank Oldenburg, who also plays X-Ball nationally with another team and who has played a pivotal part in training the team) started the team. We sat down one day in October, 2011 and decided to form a Paintball club in our part of the country as there was no club or team in our region. The team was formed at the same time we formed the club. The reason we also formed a club is because we wanted to get more people involved in paintball but didn’t want to make it mandatory to play tournaments for all members, so the way it works right now is that you become a member of the club and then decide if you just want to play recreationally or if you want to play in tournaments.

What are the team goals for this season and beyond?
The goals we have for this season is to make the playoffs in the Dutch National Scenario Competition. If we play as well as we did the last leg, we should make it to the playoffs. The goals for next season are to become number one of the Netherlands scenario-wise and also start up an X-Ball team so club members can choose which form of paintball they want to compete in.

Has the team won any awards or honours over the years?
Since we are a very young team we haven’t won many honours but we did manage to win the Northern Paintball Challenge as well as coming in 2nd place in the 3rd leg of the Dutch National Scenario Competition.

How many members does the team have?
The club as a whole has 15 members and out of those 10 tend to play with the team in tournaments.

Are you/team  sponsored? By which companies?
The Team currently is not sponsored, at least not by any paintball company or other company. Our home field does sponsor and support us in whichever way they can though which we are very grateful about.

Where has the team played in the past?
Other than the locations where the tournaments have been held we try to play on as many walk on days as a team to get our team known. Thus far those locations have been generally in the north of the Netherlands.

What is your personal favourite event to play in?
My personal favourite event to play in is the NSC (Dutch National Scenario Competition) because of, well think of it as a mini big game. You play 7v7 with a game (or heat) lasting 30 minutes and a respawn every 7 minutes. It has rocket launchers, special power boxes hidden in the game which can be deployed when found and returned to the spawn and much more. To me all these aspects make for a very challenging but fun experience as a player and as a team captain.

What's the farthest the team has traveled to an event?
The farthest we have travelled to an event thus far has been roughly 400 km (250 Miles)

Do you have a favourite place to travel to?
My favourite place to travel to paintball-wise other than our home field would be a field in Friesland (state next to ours) called Paintball Oldehove, where we play whenever there is a walk on day. We got along so well with the field that some of them have joined our team and now do a training session there once in a while.

Have you ever played in the US?
Unfortunately neither I nor the team have. We would love to play in one of the U.S. big games though as they appear to be epic.

If you could change one thing about paintball, what would it be?
If there was one thing about paintball I could change, It wouldn’t be so much about the rules or the way it’s played but about how well known it is as a sport as I feel not nearly enough people outside the paintball scene know that it is a sport and how awesome it is.

What do you love and not love about paintball?
The thing I don’t like about paintball is that sometimes there will be someone who doesn’t respect the safety rules and at the same time I love how when someone does so, the rest of the players will tell that person off collectively if there is no marshal or referee near to do so.

What's in the future for the team?
The playoffs hopefully in the Scenario Competition, an X-Ball team and many more trophies in the future to be added to the two we already have.

What is the state of paintball in the Netherlands?
Recently the Dutch Paintball Federation has been recognized by the European Paintball Federation. Behind the scenes there are a lot of people working to bring paintball more attention nationwide and get more people to play paintball as a sport. Hopefully we will have different tiers in our leagues like you guys have in the states as currently we only have two national leagues (one for X-ball and one for scenario) and no sub levels. We do have separate tournaments as well but like I said no different levels or tiers in our leagues yet which makes it a big step for new teams to come in.

Anything else you'd like to add?
I would like to thank you for this opportunity to write about my team and that I am glad that there is a magazine like yours for paintballers like me.

Thanks Jim!

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