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Tuesday, 04 December 2012 00:00

The Glen Morris Mercenaries

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What is the history of The Glen Morris Mercenaries? When did the team form? Who started the team?
The Glen Morris Mercenaries have a rich history of giving back to the sport and the community. Over the years we have organized "young guns" programs teaching young children the basics of paintball as well as many charity events for our main charity's that we have supported over the years, some of which include Cystic Fibrosis Canada, Children's Wish Foundation, Human society, and United way. The team formed in 2002 and was started by Tom "Tomcat" Cunningham.

What are the team goals for this season and beyond?
The team goals are to help further grow the sport bringing the younger generation in and to always have fun. It's about being a family first and foremost.

Has the team won any awards or honors over the years?
Over the years we have been recognized by a local member of Parliament for our charity work and contributions to the community and have also featured in local newspapers for the same reasons.

How many members does the team have?

Currently the team has 23 members and is growing strong.

Are you/team sponsored? By which companies?
Yes, we are sponsored by the following companies:

  • Flagswipe paintball
  • Buypaintball.ca
  • Wakd customs
  • The Catshack reports
  • Ripple Industries
  • Sirius remote lines

Where has the team played in the past?
The team has played all over Ontario and into Quebec with some of our biggest memories coming from PRZ in Picton, Ontario and playing some rec ball at "Survivor man" Les Strouds house.

What is your personal favorite event to play in?
The teams personal favorite event to play in is Wasaga Beach Paintball's large summer game with an annual attendance of 1900 players, we like a rich target environment.

What's the furthest the team has traveled to an event?
The furthest the team has traveled is Quebec but we are currently making future plans to travel to the United States to play there.

Do you have a favorite place to travel to?
When not playing large scale scenario games we play at local fields Flagswipe paintball, CQB in Toronto and Borden paintball run by the Canadian Military.

Have you ever played outside of the Canada?
Not yet but come next year we plan on traveling to the states to play in some large scale scenario games there.

If you could change one thing about paintball, what would it be?
Prices. If I could help lower the prices of paintball then that way anyone can play, you will see more father and sons out there having fun, like I said it's about family and having fun.

What do you love and not love about paintball?
What we love about paintball is how it is a family when one person needs help there is a large community of paintballers willing to do whatever they can to help. What we don't like are negative attitudes. The Mercs are all about the positive promotion of paintball.

What's in the future for the team?
The future for the team holds endless possibilities, but we plan to keep on working hard to stay involved in growing the sport, and to continue our charity work when giving back is the best thing to do.

Anything else you'd like to add?
We are also an accomplished scenario referee team because we love just being involved in the sport and interacting with the awesome people we call paintballers, if you see us on the field come by say "hi." We want to talk to you!

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