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Tuesday, 04 December 2012 00:00

Four Horsemen

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William, what is the history of the Four horseman?
We formed in Bloomington, Illinois in 2005 as a group of like-minded scenario players interested in participating in regional events and playing at their local field. The team was named after the four riders in the book of Revelation, who are unleashed as harbingers of the end of the world and lead the greatest army ever assembled in the final battle of good versus evil.


The original roster included the founders "Doc" and "Porkchop." In 2006, with half of the original group splitting off to form their own team, the remaining members began making plans to revamp the team and recruit new members. Finally in 2007, the revamped team welcomed "Fox" and "Rhino" to its ranks as co-founders and the team began participating in events, launching their own website, signing their first sponsorship deal and growing from there.

What are the team goals for this season and beyond?
Continued recruitment, finding new fields to play and making new friends and allies on and off the field.

Has the team won any awards or honors over the years?

Many Sportsmanship awards and even recognized with a MOFO (Most Formidable Opponent) award.

How many members does the team have?
We have 27 men and women of all ages and backgrounds.

Are you/team  sponsored? By which companies?
Yes. We are sponsored by Tippmann, Valken, Lapco, TechT, Ape, Pinokio and Nutty Buddy. We are also field sponsored by CPX in Joliet IL, Sudden Impact in McLean IL and Pekin Paintball in Pekin IL.

Where has the Four Horsemen played in the past?
Smakzone in Patterson MO, CPX in Joliet IL, Sudden Impact in McLean IL, Fort Knox in Winamac IN, Pekin Paintball in Pekin IL and Paintballtogo in Roodhouse IL. There could be others that I am forgetting and definitely more that we plan on hitting in the next season or two.

What is your favorite field that you’ve traveled to?
My favorite field to travel to is Fort Knox in Winamac IN. “Payroll” always makes his games fun and exciting and the field is set up for some great action.

Where does the team play?
Being based in central IL, The Four Horsemen play all over the state and travel to surrounding states like MO and IN.

What’s your favorite thing about the game of paintball?
I love the camaraderie on and off the field. Just because you are on different sides on the field doesn’t mean you’re not friends off the field. The paintball community is one big family. We support each other even if we have never met before. It is definitely one of the strengths of this sport.

What’s in the team’s future?
We are expanding more into Speedball and look forward to continued growth to the Four Horsemen Family.
How can our readers find out more about the team?
You can find us here on  Facebook (Four Horsemen Paintball Team) or online at www.fourhorsemenpaintball.com.


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