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Tuesday, 04 December 2012 00:00

Shadow Squad

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What is the history of Shadow Squad? How did the team form? How long ago? etc.....
Shadow Squad was formed in the fall of 2007 and Flagswipe Paintball has always been our home field. We have always played in all the Flagswipe big games each year, traditionally anywhere from 4four to five games annually.

During the 2008 season the Canadian Tactical Series tournament was introduced and we were asked to be one of the first five teams to compete.  The series was started and brought together by Flagswipe Paintball and the Black Ops paintball team.  We played in the CTS for two years and the third year Flagswipe offered us a role to help run the series as game officials.  In 2010 we took over many of the operations of the series and the name was changed to the "BT Series" due to a major sponsor coming on board. BTSeries.com

In 2011 we returned to playing competitive paintball and entered a new series, the Tac 5. Once again we were one of the first seven teams to compete.  And we finished the first season of the Tac 5 in third place overall.

Do you play anywhere other than Flagswipe?

Our home is Flagswipe Paintball but we have played at Flag Raiders, Operation Milsim, DMZ, S.O.F, Kleinberg and Barrie Paintball.

Have you won any awards?
We have. As I mentioned earlier we finished in seventh place overall in the CTS in 2008. We finished in sixth place in 2009. We finished first in “The Grudge Match” in 2010 and 2011. Our other finishes in 2011 were:

  • Third Place – Event #1 Tac 5
  • Forth Place – Event #2 Tac5
  • Third Place – Event #3 Tac 5
  • First Place – Event #4 Tac 5
  • Third Overall For The Season

How many members are there on the team?
We currently have 13 members.

Can you give us their names?

  • Andrew Mcgill # 6
  • Liam O’Brien # 213 1/2
  • Tyler Kendrick # 17
  • Caitlyn Hunter #27
  • Brian Vyn #31
  • Matt McCaskie # 10
  • Josh Fenn #519
  • Justin Mcleod # 420
  • Owen Boyd # A#1
  • Nik Wilken #13
  • Colten Hayes #14
  • Brad Smith #24
  • Brodie Truemner #4

Do you hold practices? If so, what is a typical practice like?
We hold practices once to twice a week during summer and during the winter season we are privileged enough to have a indoor facility where we practice once a week or once every two weeks. We also have a local martial arts gym that has allowed us to work on our physical strength, conditioning and form for running, crawling and gun technique (yes we actually bring our guns into the gym and work on form and perfecting it).

Our practices last from six to eight hours. Our practices include two hours of conditioning—from uphill climbs, wind sprints, spiderman crawls, to hundreds of sit ups, squats and pushups all designed to work the core. Over the next four hours we are doing gun drills which consists of snap shooting, running and gunning, one on ones and many more drills designed by us to improve our overall performance. Also all our drills are live and designed to make it as hard as possible and as real as possible, like you’re playing a competitive game.

The final two hours consist of scrims and strategies for upcoming events such as tournaments, big games etc. Each of these practices focus on the upcoming series we play in. If we have a pump tournament we will be using pump guns during practice and may modify the drills that we do for that style of play. If we have a Tac5 event or ESPL event the drills will be modified for that.

What type of gear do you use?
Empire BT Combat pants, Empire E Vents, Empire pod packs, Custom Products (CP) two piece barrel kit and a custom shadow squad jersey.

What are the team's long term goals?
We will be continuing to run the BT Series alongside Flagswipe Paintball and help grow this tournament series and in turn help grow our sport of paintball. We are also going to be re-entering the Tac 5 series.

Our main goal is to serve as a team that players and fans view as a positive influence to the sport of paintball, as well as a team for younger and newer players to look up to. We pride ourselves on our ability to establish solid and positive relationships with other teams and individual players through excellent on- and off-field etiquette. The Shadow Squad Paintball Team is committed to performing well, upholding a good reputation, and promoting our sponsors the way we promote ourselves.

What is unique about Shadow Squad?
We always try, no matter what we are doing when we are at the field, to help out any other player that needs help or has a question about the sport. We are also helping to build more teams in our area and get the younger kids into and keep this sport growing.

What is your favorite event of the season?
The favorite event of the season would have to be “Day Of The Dead” at Flagswipe Paintball.  The most insane event with tons of people.  

Anything else you'd like to add?
This is our fifth year as a team and in just five years we have seen many people and teams come and go.  We are always trying to grow this wonderful sport, and show people that this is a sport, not just a bunch of people who are crazy and shooting each other. So next time you’re at a field and you see a younger player, ask if he needs help with anything. Ask their parents if they have any questions.  Remember the younger kids are the future of this sport and we have to keep them coming back for more and keep paintball alive.

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