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Tuesday, 04 December 2012 00:00

2012 Vienna Austria Calling – Champions Paintball Series Leg #2

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The second stop on the Champions Paintball Series brought us to Vienna, Austria and to the home field of RMG Bratislava.  This event would see the first appearance of Art Chaos Moscow in this series as well as well-known players Oliver Lang, Bobby Aviles and Bear Degidio.  

The CPS is comprised of four events in both Italy and Austria.  According to organizer Jaroslav Ziugzda (Slava), the series was created when the Grand Tour decided to take a break and left a void in the European tournament paintball community.  

The event is divided into two divisions, Super League (pro) and League 1.  For the Vienna event there were 8 Super League teams and 19 League 1 teams.  Going into this event leading the Super League was Empire Venice followed by Consilium Dei and Icon Marseile.  In League 1 it would be CD 2, ACT and Italian Idols.  Vienna would bring upsets to the leaders and new teams would take the podium.

The venue was held at a action sport park that included go-kart racing, a man made lake for jet skis and of course paintball.  The event is played on one Millennium sized field and actually ran quite smooth.  The series is now a EPBF sanctioned Master Series event so Euro Refs were in order.  

The weather was a bit threatening in the early morning hours but soon after the games began the heat was on!  The games flowed quite quickly.  In the League 1 division RMG Kids were a team to beat, but going into the lunch break they had not yet lost a single game.  La Brigada player attempted a dead man’s walk against RMG Kids but was not successful.  Throughout the event we saw many attempted DMW but none were completed.  ACT would win their four games of the day with a score of 4-0 on all four matches.  

After the lunch break the Super League teams took to the field.  RMG Bratislava with guest player Oliver Lang, was the first on deck.  They would face Dozor Moscow, whom also had a guest player, Yan Samoylov from TonTons/Russian Legion.  RMG handed Dozor the first of many losses that they would receive during this event.  Dozor was plagued by many penalties, at one point they started with only three players.

Art Chaos would debut in Vienna and hand ML Kings their first loss of the day, 5-0 to Art Chaos.  Their second match of the day would be a walkover as AggPB did not show.  Art Chaos’s last game of the day would be against Consilum Dei.  They started the match in true Art Chaos fashion, letting Consilium Dei take 2 back to back points.  Art Chaos then would score four straight points.  On the final point of the game, Art Chaos had four G’s and the final Consilium Dei player attempted a DMW.  Again this was an unsuccessful maneuver.  The match ended with a 5-2 score.

Empire Venice, winner from the Venice event, would have a difficult weekend.  Their first game would be a win over Wikingowie from Poland, 5-2.  Later in the afternoon they would be handed a loss by RMG Bratislava 5-2.

The day’s matches would end early and everyone would retreat to their hotels to plan for the next day’s matches to come.  Overnight the clouds would move in bringing a little bit of rain but by game time there was no rain in sight.  

Sunday morning would bring the last of the preliminary games and by early afternoon we would start seeing the teams being whittled away for semi’s and finals.  The field was fast and a bit slick from the rain but no matter, the show would go on!

Italian Idols would hand RMG Kids their first loss of the weekend, 4-1. RMG and Art Chaos continued their winning streak as Dozor, Wikingowie and Empire Venice continued to drop games.  RMG would beat ML Kings in an exciting semifinals match 5-4.  Art Chaos only allowed one point on them as they played Empire Venice.  This would leave Empire Venice to go head to head with ML Kings and Art Chaos against RMG Bratislava for the fight for 1st and 2nd place.  When the dust cleared it would be Art Chaos over RMG taking the 1st place honors and ML Kings winning over Empire Venice.  

In the League 1 it would come down to ACT, Mercs 89, Italian Idols, and United in the semis.  ACT would lose for the first time this weekend to Mercs 89 and Italin Idols would win in a close match against United 3-2.  Final rounds would be ACT winning over United 4-1 taking 3rd place and Italian Idols losing to Mercs 89, going home in 2nd place.

Standings after two rounds in the Champions Paintball series would have Empire Venice leading the Super League pack followed by RMG, Consilium Dei and Art Chaos.  League 1 leaders would be ACT, Italian Idols, United and RMG Kids.

Next stop on the CPS tour will be in Padova Italy June 9-10th. The InBloom Cup will see yet another top ranking team entering the Super League mash up, Edmonton Impact.

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