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  • Monday, 07 January 2013 16:07
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Vanguard Paintball, manufacturer of the Demon pro-level paintball marker, announced today they will relocate their marker’s production from the United Kingdom to the United States. This move comes on the heels of a dramatic increase in sales of the Demon marker following longtime professional player and industry veteran Frank Connell’s acquisition of the company. The redesigned, updated and dramatically improved Demon sets a new standard for efficiency and performance for professional grade spool valve paintball markers.

“Moving production of our Demon paintball gun to the United States was the obvious decision, as it better enables us at Vanguard Paintball USA to serve our customers,” said Vanguard owner and New England Avalanche professional paintball player Frank Connell. “Sales of the Demon have exploded in recent months and to satisfy demand for our newly redesigned Demon while providing all of our valued customers with the very best product and customer service, moving production across Atlantic to the USA is the next step in the evolution and betterment of our company.”

Standing tall at the pinnacle of paintball gun performance, the Vanguard Demon delivers the laser-like, spool valve accuracy required by serious paintball athletes without forcing the shooter to choose between that accuracy and the air efficiency needed to close the game. Accurate, efficient, reliable and lightweight, the latest Vanguard Demon offers the full list of features like an LED information center, rechargeable battery, hose-less configuration and unique style that can’t be mistaken for anything else inside the net. Players now have it better than ever: choose accuracy, choose efficiency, or chose Vanguard and have it all!

Vanguard USA
226 N Nova Road #333
Ormond Beach, FL 32174
Phone 386-256-0639

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