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Review: The Dye DAM Featured

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  • Friday, 10 May 2013 12:40
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To say that Dye is a successful, tournament paintball company would be a massive understatement. Rather, it would be more accurate to say that Dye is, and has long been, a leader in tournament paintball style, fashion, design and manufacture in various aspects of the sport from top-level markers like their DM series to the Rotor loader, I4 goggle and performance clothing lines. Dye teams such as the Ironmen, Tampa Bay Damage and others have been at the top of professional paintball event after event and show no signs of sinking in the ranks any time soon.All that said, when Dye started making camouflage clothing and camo versions of their various markers, players both scenario and tournament noticed and responded. Responded so well, in fact, that Dye has now jumped into serious scenario and tactical paintball with both feet, landing hard and sending shockwaves with a tactical marker, the Dye DAM. The DAM, with unique capabilities, impressive performance, a truly tactical look and style that could only come from Dye, has blown a hole in tactical paintball and has become one of scenario paintball’s hottest products!

A five-pound tactical marker covered in sight rails and able to feed from either a magazine or a hopper via a clamping, right-feed elbow that keeps the top of the marker clear for sights, scopes or just looking along, the Dye DAM features the heart of the massively successful Dye Matrix line of markers. A spool valve system featuring low pressure operation, anti-chop eyes and a pressure regulator ensures even the most brittle paint can be fired without chopping, and that paint is delivered consistently and accurately. That accuracy is all but guaranteed by the marker’s standard Dye Ultralite barrel, one of the most successful barrels in the history of paintball, known for its quiet sound signature and world-class accuracy that has driven numerous teams to world titles. While equipped with a single trigger in a world of markers standard with double triggers, that single trigger is smooth and soft, allowing for solid rates of fire. However, as the marker features a select-fire function allowing the shooter to “shift on the fly” between semi-automatic, three-shot burst and fully automatic modes via a button on the side of the marker’s receiver, a DAM shooter will never be outgunned. A nine-volt battery powers the marker and can be easily changed via snap-on wrap-around grips that can be opened without tools. Other standard features of the DAM include an adjustable stock (that can be removed at the user’s discretion), an on/off bottle adapter at the bottom of the marker’s grip frame, the ability to switch between magazine feed and hopper feed with the push of a lever and the capability to shoot both .68 caliber paintballs and First Strike rounds.

Available in dark earth, olive green, black or in an attractive and functional Dyecam pattern that performs much like Crye Precision’s Multicam, the Dye DAM isn’t an inexpensive paintball marker at over $1,200. However, the performance and unique capabilities that price tag hangs from make it a good investment for serious tactical and scenario players and a world-class marker for even more casual players willing to spend the money. Furthermore, in a world packed with Tippmann and BT tactical blowback markers at the scenario field alongside other companies’ tournament guns that were simply anodized camouflage with a couple of rails bolted onto them, the DAM delivers unique, remarkable performance and truly turns heads at the paintball field, an intangible that is difficult to put a price on.

In the woods, the Dye DAM proves its worth quickly in the hands of a serious player. Though not exactly a lightweight marker, the DAM is comfortable in the hand thanks to its narrow grip frame and ergonomic angled fore-grip. Whether used with the included stock or with a bottom-line compressed air bottle, the marker shoulders easily and points naturally, combining with its regulated spool valve and Ultralite barrel to create a devastatingly accurate marker. While accurate when single shots are fired, the DAM seems to tighten its groups even more when kicked into burst or fully-automatic mode, enabling players to sneak single shots, or even bursts, through holes in pallets, through windows or through even the smallest breaks in underbrush to eliminate heavily entrenched opponents. Should those opponents prove too far away for regular paintballs and good old “Kentucky windage” a player can simply throw the lever to switch from their hopper to a magazine of spin-stabilized, long range First Strike rounds to “reach out and touch someone.” Over the chronograph, the DAM will rarely shoot more than a few feet per second north or south of where it’s set, preventing a player’s card from being punched for a hot marker even after hours on the field. Players looking for that “all the way tactical” look can hang all sorts of accessories and upgrades from the various Picatinny rails around the marker, from sights and scopes to fore grips, lights, lasers and video cameras.

For players willing to spend the money and take the time to learn their marker and keep it clean and lubricated like a tournament marker, the Dye DAM is an excellent choice for serious scenario or tactical paintball. Mag-fed players will love its accuracy and silence, while heavy gunners with big, fast hoppers will love its ability to keep the hammer down with accurate, fast streams and solid air efficiency. Players on every level will love the ability to shift firing modes or from hopper to magazine feed, and even from .68 caliber paintballs to First Strike rounds. Offering unique capabilities and world-class performance along Dye’s signature style that’s like nothing else in paintball, the Dye DAM is an outstanding paintball gun by any measure and a truly outstanding tactical marker certain to help a serious player accomplish their mission.
MSRP: $1299 - $1399

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