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PSP Chicago Final Standings

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  • Wednesday, 26 June 2013 17:40
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The PSP Chicago has concluded with Houston Heat winning the pro division with a very strong showing against back-to-back winners, Dynasty. Other winners were:

Pro Champions: Houston Heat
1st Houston Heat
2nd San Diego Dynasty
3rd Edmonton Impact
4th Omaha Vicious
Challenger Division
1st Moscow Red Legion
2nd Trenton TopGun Union
3rd Chattanooga CEP
4th San Jose Royalty

Division One
1st Revo
2nd VcK
3rd Grad Moscow
4th Boom

Division Two
1st VcK 2
2nd HuSTLe
3rd Carolina Collision
4th DC Devastation

Division Three
1st ac DALLAS
3rd White Tee Gang
4th Carolina Breakout

Division Four
1st AAF2
2nd Project Mayhem
3rd Detroit Action
4th CFP Static

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