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Xclusive Review: Immortal Air Aura Regulator

  • Written by  Josh Silverman
  • Tuesday, 06 August 2013 19:08
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Raptor. Apocalypse. If the names don’t call anything to mind, you haven’t been playing paintball for more than a few years. For those of us that have been around the game long enough to remember playing competitive tournament paintball with CO2, the words “Raptor” and “Apocalypse” conjure images of new-found consistency at the chronograph, improved accuracy and performance for both our Automags and Autocockers and, yes, about 4-5 pounds of stainless steel bolted to our grip frames.

Heavy though they may have been, Dan Colby and Air America’s high pressure compressed air regulators helped usher in a new era in paintball, where CO2 velocity spikes and the bloody welts, bark blasted off trees and tournaments decided at the chronograph became a thing of the past. At least Dan Colby and the bloody welts are still with us.

After years continuing in his pursuit of high pressure regulator perfection, Dan Colby, formerly of Air America and Guerilla Air, is back with a new company and a new regulator. Immortal Air is the company and the Aura is the regulator. A light, aluminum screw-in regulator, the Immortal Air Aura is the culmination of years of work in the paintball and compressed air business and proof that for some people, “good enough” isn’t good enough. After all, with all the Ninja, Guerilla Air and other very good, affordable screw-in compressed air regulators and air systems on the market, why spend money and time bringing one more to market? To hear Dan Colby tell it, the answer is simply because there was more to do.

Long enough that a regulator extender or added rail are, for all but the longest-armed knuckle draggers, unnecessary yet short enough that even front players with smaller bottles won’t find their system too long, the Immortal Air Aura regulator is constructed of durable yet lightweight mil-spec aluminum. Standard with wrench flats and completely user serviceable and adjustable, a player no longer need worry about grinding up their regulator pulling it apart and a plethora of safety features insure the high pressure air stays in the bottle and behind the reg where it belongs. A stainless steel fill nipple adds durability and will lock onto practically any fill station. We have yet to find one we had to struggle to draw air from. Designed to be both user-friendly and high-performance, the Immortal Air Aura regulator offers an impressive mix of performance and durability for serious paintball players, whether in the woods or in front of thousands playing for the big money.

Offering an extremely high flow rate and “instantaneous” recharge ensuring modern paintball markers able to crank at well over twenty paintballs per second are never starved for air, the Aura offers users the added ability to tune their regulator to their conditions or particular marker’s preferred pressure. This is accomplished via “Quick Pack” spring packs that can quickly and easily be swapped, altering the pressure sent from the regulator to the user’s marker for optimum performance. A micro gauge gives players a pretty good idea of how much air is in their bottle, but those of us who have been around long enough to remember the Raptor or Apocalypse might have to squint to see it.

When used on everything from a CCM pump marker, GOG eNMEy and Automag mechanical markers all the way up to Luxe, Vanguard Demon, Empire Axe and Eclipse LV-1, ETek4 and Geo3 markers, the results were the same. No matter how fast we tried to shoot, how slow we shot or at what velocity in a myriad of weather conditions, the Immortal Air Aura regulator provided consistent, plentiful air. At no time during play with any of the aforementioned markers did we encounter shoot-down or velocity fluctuations not easily attributed to paint-to-barrel match. Though not adjustable to any player’s marker or wrist like the Ninja Pro, the Immortal Air Aura regulator, when used with a 68 cubic inch or 45 cubic inch bottle, creates a compact yet ergonomic marker and air system combination that feels very natural and comfortable when pulled into the shoulder.

At the end of the day, the Immortal Air Aura regulator is just that – a regulator. There are others, good ones, on the market already. What the Aura brings to the table is a design specifically targeting today’s high-tech, high-flow paintball markers with sensitive solenoids and the specific ability to be tuned to best suit each player’s particular setup or requirement, in addition to durable construction and simplified maintenance. While not the most inexpensive regulator on the market at a shade over fifty dollars, a buyer will find this money well-spent, as the Aura delivers excellent performance, dependability and a pedigree reaching well into paintball’s history.





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