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NPPL Pro Division Open to All!

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  • Thursday, 22 August 2013 02:20
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Ever wonder if you have what it takes to play Pro in the NPPL? The Pro Division for Las Vegas World Championship is Open! 
For our Final Event of the 2013 Season we are opening the Pro Division to new teams! Test your skills and register!

There will be 15 spots in the Pro Division for the Las Vegas World Championship, registration will first be open to Pro Teams that played in Chicago and previous 2013 events, and then open to any team that would like to try playing pro!

Any Pro teams that played in the Windy City Open can register now through September 6th.

Any Pro teams that played in any 2013 NPPL event can register from September 7th - 13th.

ANY TEAM can register for the Pro Division  between September 14th-20th!

Register Here!

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