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Monday, 26 August 2013 22:56

Paint By Numbers #1

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Some interesting paintball facts...

90: The temperature in degrees (F) at which C02 cannot turn to liquid.

78: The approximate percentage of Nitrogen that’s in the air you breathe. The same percentage of Nitrogen in your compressed air tank with it is full.

.4: The time (in seconds) it takes for a paintball shot at 300 feet per second (and including velocity drop-off) to get the target at 125 feet.

68: The feet per second a paintball is traveling (approximately) at 250 feet from the barrel it was fired from (if the original fps was 300).

2.5 inches: Any C02 or HPA tank this size (in diameter) or larger needs to be hydrotested every five years.

Less than 2.5 inches: Tanks less than 2.5 inches in diameter never need to be hydrotested by law.

1993: The year the first NPPL game was played (Dallas, Texas).

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