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Morph Fire Converter Review

  • Written by  Josh Silverman
  • Friday, 25 October 2013 11:53
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Ryan Levin and LevTec Add a New Dimension to Paintball Guns!

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Sometimes a new invention comes about that makes a person say “I had no idea I wanted this, but I want this!” When the boss put a Spyder Fenix paintball gun on my desk I wasn’t quite sure where he was going with it, but I can promise I didn’t expect to wind up telling him he couldn’t have it back. But he can’t. I’m keeping it.

The reason I’m holding on to this basic, inexpensive, stacked-tube electronic semi-automatic paintball gun, as strange as it may seem, has very little to do with paintball and a great deal to do with the other box he handed me along with the Spyder. The box, a small, black affair, said “Morph Fire” on it and I had no idea what it was. But once I opened it and found out, it took about five minutes for me to say “I had no idea I wanted this, but I’m keeping it!”

The Morph Fire adds a completely new dimension to existing paintball equipment that I’m not sure paintball as an industry or most paintball players will have any idea they wanted, but once they get a taste, I’m certain many will decide they want it much as I have. I must admit, it took me a about five minutes digging through the Morph Fire box, its contents and its included paperwork to truly get my head around what the concept is- a conversion kit that enables a paintball gun, in this case a Spyder and in future cases Tippmann and Ego models, to shoot 6 millimeter BB’s. Fast. However your paintball gun already fires. Then, when the fruit, vegetable, target or can-slaying is over-with and it’s time for paintball again, simply remove the Morph Fire system and go play. That’s right: the Morph Fire system quickly and easily installs onto what creator Ryan Levin calls its “Host Paintball Gun” or HPG, enables it to hammer 6mm airsoft or metal BB’s downrange at easily double the velocity of a paintball, before being just as easily removed to allow that paintball gun to shoot paintballs again.

Once I’d spent a few minutes getting my head around the Morph Fire concept I had to know more, so I took a few minutes to talk with Morph Fire inventor and LevTec founder Ryan Levin. He explained that he simply enjoys shooting. He and I have that in common so the rest of the conversation was pretty entertaining and educational. A paintball player with over two decades of time in the game under his belt, Levin explained that though he loved paintball, he also loved shooting all sorts of things and what started with a fully automatic BB gun that “lit a fuse” in him, moved through an education in pneumatics and the enjoyment of firearms and culminated in a concept that led him to the local home improvement store. His mission was to buy tubing and whatever else he needed to create a fully automatic BB gun. Paintball came in because it was a readily available air source and, almost by accident, he managed to convert a paintball gun into a BB gun practically on his first try!

Morph Fire inventor Ryan Levin explains that the ready-for-prime time Morph Fire system essentially “tricks a paintball gun into firing BB’s.” And he’s right. To sum it up without getting all technical, a paintball gun owner need only open their new Morph Fire box, remove the included kit and install it, a process that takes only a few minutes, a basic (and included) wrench and then go shoot things. My first try at Morph Fire installation took approximately ten minutes as I was careful to read the instructions a few extra times. The Morph Fire power tube simply threads into the stock Delrin bolt of a Spyder paintball gun, admittedly cutting those threads as it goes, but as these threads are cut into the inside of the already-hollow Spyder bolt, this in no way changes the marker’s ability to fire the paintballs it was designed for. Once the power tube is secured into the Spyder’s bolt and the bolt, with its now-long power tube, is reinserted into the gun, the shooter can thread the Morph Fire barrel and magazine well on in place of the paintball guns’ stock barrel. Once the magazine well is aligned allowing the included magazine to be inserted vertically, the system is ready to rock and roll! The user need only load the included MP5-style airsoft magazine with up to 260 BB’s, wind the magazine up, insert it into the Morph Fire system and start banging!

Able to use CO2, compressed air or nitrogen (and I highly recommend compressed air) the heavily patented Morph Fire system, once installed on a paintball gun, enables that paintball gun to blast BB’s at well in excess of any safe paintball or airsoft field’s limits- velocities up to 600 feet per second. This thing may be fun but it’s serious fun. Protect your eyes, I wouldn’t recommend shooting at other people lest they shoot back with something even more serious, and don’t let the kids shoot this thing without supervision. Should the Morph Fire device prove able to be turned down to shoot airsoft BB’s at acceptable, safe velocities for painless play at airsoft and paintball establishments, the possibility for cross-over rental equipment or for airsoft and paintball players to further co-mingle could be massive!

An extremely exciting feature of the Morph Fire system is its ability to keep up with practically anything the “Host Paintball Gun” upon which it is installed can throw at it. For example, this system is compatible with any mode of fire a paintball gun possesses, meaning that if your paintball gun ramps or shoots bursts or in fully automatic mode with paintballs, it can do so with BB’s. That’s where the fun really kicks in. The Morph Fire system as tested on the Spyder Fenix they provided proved accurate enough that blasting bottles and cans from fifty and even one hundred feet was more than possible, but lining a few bottles, cans or other targets up and blasting them “Tommy Gun” style cranking at fully automatic is just a hoot. And it’s much safer, more affordable and way more accessible than doing so with any type of firearm. As an avid firearm shooter, even in the firearm-friendly state of Virginia, finding a safe place to shoot firearms is tough, fully automatic firearms are heavily regulated, expensive to come-by legally and thanks to the current political and economic climate, ammunition is scarce and extremely expensive when I can find it. To be able to take a six millimeter airgun into the back yard and do work on a bunch of cans, bottles, rotten tomatoes or paper targets much more quietly (and legally) than I ever could with a firearm, in fully automatic, and do so with the paintball equipment I already have is something very appealing to me. The concept of possible future airsoft crossover purely adds another exciting dimension to this concept-turned-reality called the Morph Fire.

Everyone take a deep breath. At the end of the day the Morph Fire is a BB conversion kit for a paintball gun. For those who just like to play paintball, aren’t interested in airsoft and don’t want or need a BB gun, this may be the answer to a question you didn’t ask (though shooting one might change your mind). Those like me, however, who enjoy shooting all sorts of things from paintball guns to firearms safely and doing so with friends and family young and old, the Morph Fire system adds a further use to an expensive piece of hobby equipment, a paintball gun, that doesn’t permanently alter its ability to do what it was built to do. For those who love to shoot and might want to have a blast in the back yard smashing the week’s recyclables before taking them to the road, the Morph Fire is awesome. And though I didn’t know I wanted it, I’m keeping it.

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