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MAPL Masters Coverage

  • Written by  By Josh Silverman
  • Wednesday, 30 October 2013 20:32
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The Mid-Atlantic Paintball League wrapped up its 2013 three and five-man seasons with a final tournament, the MAPL Masters, in early October. Held, as the rest of the 2013 MAPL season had been, at the league’s home-park, OXCC Paintball in Chesapeake City, Maryland, the event saw over thirty three and five-man teams arrive to compete one last time in RaceTo paintball on the just-released PSP World Cup layout.

The MAPL Masters was played on an unseasonably hot weekend for Fall in Maryland, with temperatures for the event climbing into the nineties both Saturday and Sunday. As turnout for both Saturday’s three-man and Sunday’s five-man portions of the event approached but did not clear twenty teams, the entire event was conducted on a single field featuring the PSP World Cup layout, which had been released only days prior to the event. Both league representatives and players felt this had an effect of leveling the playing field as no teams had been able to practice the layout in the weeks leading to the event. Some players did take advantage of their ability to play the layout in three-man play on Saturday and then return for five-man competition Sunday, however. Teams not quite sure about how to play the layout often broke to the first five bunkers they could reach and simply shot it out from there, while more aggressive and experienced teams were more willing to move up the field, taking chances on both the snake and Dorito sides and up the center to the heavily fortified Race bunker.

The Freedom organization of three and five-man teams playing out of OXCC made a very strong showing for the final MAPL event of 2013, bringing six three-man teams on Saturday and another five on Sunday’s five-man event for a total of eleven total competing lines! This certainly didn’t hurt their chances of sending teams through to the afternoon rounds of play, as in Saturday’s three-man competition a full half of the teams moving into the final rounds of play were Freedom squads, joined by United and Coka Nostra. By mid-afternoon the dust had settled at OXCC and it was Freedom that took the gold trophy, with the Freedom Kidz in second and United in third. This sealed the deal for Freedom as the 2013 MAPL three-man D4/5 series champions as well.

Saturday’s five-man portion of the event saw Rogue, out of Virginia’s Skyline Paintball, play impressive paintball all day along with NRG Elite, Freedom and Leverage D4, who had won three of the four previous MAPL events of 2013 and were looking to close out their banner season on a high note. Late afternoon at OXCC saw Skyline pushed into the match for third against Freedom, which they won, while Leverage would battle NRG Elite for the MAPL Masters title. While Rogue took third and relegated Freedom to fourth in two straight games, NRG Elite came out and took the first game away from Leverage. Leverage came back and ground NRG Elite down in the final two games, however, finishing out their season with another gold trophy and the series title. For their trouble, Leverage walked away with five of Bob Long’s impressive new Insight markers, an upgrade from the G6R markers the league had advertised for first place. Other prizes for winning and placing teams included Valken Proton markers, Crossfire custom compressed air bottles, Eclipse gear bags, backpacks and gift certificates and pile of Spire loaders from Virtue Paintball.

With solid officiating, fresh, refrigerated Valken Redemption and Crusade tournament, a lush grass playing surface and an exciting new PSP World Cup layout along with an impressive prize package and hot but manageable weather, the final event of the 2013 Mid-Atlantic Paintball League season closed the season in a positive fashion. The league is already in preparation for 2014, with major changes in store for the highly competitive and rewarding regional tournament series. For more information on the 2014 MAPL season visit the league website online at





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