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LA Infamous Wins PSP Dallas!

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  • Monday, 17 March 2014 01:05
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Congratulations to Los Angeles Infamous as they defeated Omaha Vicious in a heated battle to become the 2014 PSP Dallas Open Professional Champions!  Fans from all over the world were able to watch the exciting finals live from the PaintballAccess webcast.  This finals match was the perfect finish to a weekend FULL of incredible games.  To revisit some of the footage, be sure to visit and download DVR versions of the matches.

Art Chaos and upTon 187 cRew topped the Challengers Division and will be replacing Houston Heat and Texas Storm in the Pro Champions bracket for the May 2 - 4, 2014 PSP Mid Atlantic Open.  Houston Heat and Texas Storm lost their relegation matches against Tampa Bay Damage and Chicago Aftershock, but will be coming in fierce at the MAO as they seek redemption in hopes of climbing back into the Champions Division.  

 The 2014 season opener was an incredible SOLD OUT event - so be sure to sign up now for the May 2 - 4, 2014 PSP Mid Atlantic Open!  


Congratulations to all the 2014 PSP Dallas Open Podium Finishers!   


Professional Champions

 1st Los Angeles Infamous

 2nd Omaha Vicious


Professional Challengers

1st Art Chaos

2nd upTon 187 cRew


Division 1

1st ac DALLAS

2nd Trademygun Outlaws

3rd Carolina Collision


Division 2

 1st Project Mayhem

 2nd Louisville Asylum

 3rd Syndicate


Division 3

1st Houston Zone

2nd Chicago Warped

3rd Project Mayhem D3


Division 4

1st Uncle Johnsons THUNDER DUCKS

2nd Combat Houston

3rd Boise Dominators



1st Asylum TrueBallers

2nd Blitz

3rd Lockout Red


D3 RaceTo-2

1st Elite

2nd Swamp Chickenz

3rd D12 Allstars 


D4 RaceTo-2

1st Stormriders

2nd SA Notorious S.F.U.

3rd N.O. Bounty

To see a complete list of scores visit

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