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Virtue Paintbal Optik Goggles

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It's hard to call it news when a product has not been released or even shown as a prototype yet but anything that Virtue Paintball does or is doing is of interest to many paintball players.

Strikeloader BACKPACK Loader

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Ladies and gentlemen: We proudly announce that STRIKELOADER - the world's 1st working Backpack loader - is now Live! YOU can be part of this amazing story that started back in 1999.

2013 Oklahoma D-Day Photos

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Check out the best 170 photos from 2013 Oklahoma D-Day! Thanks to Stephen Kent and Barbara Cornell for the great work!

5th Annual Oklahoma D-Day Special Edition is Live & Free - 180 Pages!

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The 5th Annual PaintballX3 Oklahoma D-Day Special Edition is live and free. This 180 page edition features 24/7 coverage from the entire D-Day event. From the 5 mini games to the night game--and from vendor's row to the main game, we've got it all. Check out the team photo shoots, parade photos, videos, interviews, hot products and more!

Xclusive Review: Immortal Air Aura Regulator

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Raptor. Apocalypse. If the names don’t call anything to mind, you haven’t been playing paintball for more than a few years. For those of us that have been around the game long enough to remember playing competitive tournament paintball with CO2, the words “Raptor” and “Apocalypse” conjure images of new-found consistency at the chronograph, improved accuracy and performance for both our Automags and Autocockers and, yes, about 4-5 pounds of stainless steel bolted to our grip frames.

PaintballX3 Euro Magazine #19 is Live & FREE!

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Check out the latest 154 page issue of PaintbalX3 Euro, featuring coverage of the Millennium Series Campaign Cup, an interview with Denny Tippmann JR, Portuguese National Championship Round #3 coverage, CSP Milano Coverage, Product Reviews, New Products, News, and MUCH MORE!

NHL's Pittsburgh Penguins Play at Steeltown Paintball

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As popularity of our sport grows more and more professional sports franchises are taking to the field as part of their team building program. The Pittsburgh Penguins are the latest team to take to the field. July 7th they brought their development program to the the closest paintball field to downtown Pittsburgh, Steeltown Paintball.

JT Impulse

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During my twenty years of paintball, few things have remained constant. From pump paintball guns to semi-automatics, then electronic guns to the high-tech markers we have today, from CO2 to compressed air and from trees to inflatable bunkers, practically everything has changed. However, one thing that was well known when I entered paintball remained the same for quite some time: JT. Winners wore JT.

PaintballX3 July Issue is Live & Free - Read It Now!

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The latest issue of the awesomely interactive PaintballX3 Magazine is live and free for your reading, clicking and rating pleasure right here. This issue features 36 pages of PSP Chicago Open coverage, Type 3 Scenario Team Interview, JT Impulse Review, Immortal Air Aura Regulator Review, and interview with Denny Tippmann Jr, MAPL tournament coverage, New Products and much more! Check it out at HERE.

3 Rivers 30th Anniversary Celebration Big Game and BBQ

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Three Rivers Paintball opened for business providing a unique outdoor adventure in 1983.  As one of the first  Paintball facilities in the country it was also the host site for the International Amateur Open (IAO) during it's 16 year run.





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