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New Virtue Spire Colors

Written by  |  Wednesday, 05 December 2012 00:00  |  Published in New Product Spotlight

You’ve read about the Virtue Spire Loader here and probably everywhere else by now. The new loader has quickly become one of the hot products in paintball. And now it’s available is a pletheora of new colors including black/purple, black/orange, black/red, black/yellow, white/blue, white/black and many more. Check them all out at

V-Force Grill Goggles, Nightmare, Limited Edition

Written by  |  Wednesday, 05 December 2012 00:00  |  Published in New Product Spotlight

V-Force Goggles have been around for years, and as great as they have always been they are still getting better and better. The new Nightmare Limited Edition Goggles are a tough-looking, attitude-filled, well thought-out goggle system that has it all—lightweight, comfortable, low profile, durable, sleek and optically amazing. The V-Force Grill Goggles, Nightmare edition QuickChange™ ThermoCured™ lens, Close-contact posi-clip strap, distortion-free optics and too many more features to name here. Chekck them out for yourself at

Tippmann Patrol Vest

Written by  |  Monday, 03 December 2012 00:00  |  Published in New Product Spotlight

Tippmann’s tactical line continues to expand… and impress. Their new Patrol Vest is built on a breathable, lightweight nylon-webbed mesh base. The Patrol Vest has a 4+2 14-round pod pouch configuration, adjustable shoulders, tank pouch, utility pockets, map, ID and radio pouches. The Patrol Vest from Tippmann is one-size-fits-all.

St Louis Avalanche Barrel From Stiffi

Written by  |  Thursday, 06 December 2012 00:00  |  Published in New Product Spotlight

For years Stiffi barrels have been a popular choice of professional players and top teams. Now you can put a barrel on the end of your marker that isn't just LIKE the one used by the pros, it's actually the same barrel. The St. Louis Avalanche Stiffi barrel offers everything that has made the Stiffi barrel successful: from our proprietary Micro-jeweling process to noise-reducing porting and a strong yet lightweight construction. Now add a jaw-dropping Forgotten Muse-designed St. Louis Avalanche color-way and logo.

Exalt SnapBack Hat Blue

Written by  |  Friday, 07 December 2012 00:00  |  Published in New Product Spotlight

We talk a lot here about how the little things in paintball are what make the game great.  We’re never going to claim that a hat is going to change the game as we know it, but if you’re a fan of Exalt Paintball you can wear their new SnapBack hat with pride. The SnapBack hat is available in two color combinations—blue/black and silver/black and it’s embroidered on both the front and side. This flat-brimmed hat looks great, it’s comfortable, and it’s an Exalt Paintball product, so you know it will last.

Warped Sportz DARK Edition Geo3

Written by  |  Thursday, 06 December 2012 00:00  |  Published in New Product Spotlight

Don’t you just dig it when two class companies work together to put out a product, or in this case, a new, custom version of a great product? Once again Warper Sportz and Planet Eclipse have teamed up to bring you another “Dark” Series Eclipse marker—the Dark Geo3. This year Planet Eclipse has revived the custom milling not really seen since the DARK 06 Ego. A lot of time was spent and revisions made to bring this aggressive milling to production. There will only be 150 made and the first colors released will be 25 White/Gold and 25 Black/Lime Green. Check them out at

Dye C13 Tree Orange Jersey

Written by  |  Monday, 03 December 2012 00:00  |  Published in New Product Spotlight

Dye’s new C13 line is simply beautiful—and functional. The C13 Tree Orange Jersey is stylish, lightweight, and designed the way Dye designs all of the tournament gear—as if every detail was the difference between winning and losing. Double stitched shoulders and 200d Nylon double stitched forearm and elbow pads are just some of the durability features of the C13 Jersey, which also includes a V-neck collar and compression formed body padding.  Check out the Dye C13 Tree Orange Jersey and the rest of the C13 line at

XPower-M4 Scenario Paintball Marker

Written by  |  Tuesday, 20 November 2012 00:00  |  Published in New Product Spotlight

If you’re a fan of the real M4 and you just happen to play paintball too, you might want to check out the XPower M$ Scenario Marker. This bad boy looks and feels like the real thing, with features that mimic the M4, such as shell ejection after every shot, paintballs force-fed by magazine, and the option of a collapsible or solid stock to disguise the CO2 cylinder, it’s the very image of the real M4. The XPower M4 shoots .43 caliber paintballs, it’s magazine fed, semi-automatic, shoots C02 or HPA, and it’s simple to set up and use. Check it out at

Mighty Paintball Snapcage

Written by  |  Friday, 16 November 2012 00:00  |  Published in New Product Spotlight

Mighty Paintball’s Snapcage is a versatile tool for players, field owners and promoters. It can be used for practice shooting, target shooting, promotional events, trade shows, gun demos and more. This 24'L x 8'W x 7'H shooting cage is well made, durable and sure to last—and it’s as portable as they come. Pick one up now and get 2000 free reusableMighty Balls for feee. Check it out at

Empire Axe LE-PPD, Grey/Green - Gold

Written by  |  Friday, 02 November 2012 00:00  |  Published in New Product Spotlight

It’s pretty much impossible to win a major tournament shooting an inferior paintball gun, so when Infamous and XSV won multiple tournaments this season shooting the Empire Axe it spoke volumes for the product.  Empire’s new LE-PPD Axe features the Freak Barrel (five Bore Sizes - .675, .680, .685, .690, .695), Redline foregrip and board and Joystick Interface with rubber seal. And this one is designed exclusively for PDD attendees. Check it out here.

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