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NEW ISSUE! PaintballX3 July Edition is Live & Free

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The latest and greatest edition of PaintballX3 Magazine is live and free for your reading, commenting, liking, sharing and watching pleasure. Check out the new rotating galleries feature! More photos in less space than ever! This July 2014 edition features mucho coverage of the PSP Chicago open and Oklahoma D-Day. Check out the Bodybuilding Meets Paintball Feature article, the 2014 Machine Vapor review and much more! You can read it all right here for free: http://www.joomag.com/magazine/paintballx3-magazine/0739711001405107102

The Ultimate Paintball Field Guide (Ver. 1) is Live & Free

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The Ultimate Paintball Field Guide is Live & Free! Check out some of the best paintball fields in North America, get directions, watch videos, download waivers and find where to play quickly and easily. We will be updating this guide frequently so please check back to see the paintball fields we've added. Check it out HERE. Enjoy!

PaintballX3 Russia is Live & Free!

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PSP MAO - Сможете произнести dynast-Y, ОБЗОРЫ - Баллон G3 отGuerilla, СЦЕНАРИЙ - Мост слишком далеко, НОВЫЕ ПРОДУКТЫ - Последние новинки снаряжения - все самые свежие новости и обзоры

Read it here: http://www.joomag.com/magazine/paintballx3-magazine/0253378001400707024

PaintballX3 Magazine May issue is Live & FREE!

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Check out the latest edition of PaintballX3 Magazine, featuring 108 pages of news products event coverage and more. This issue has complete coverage of the PSP MAO Open, with more than 30 pages of amazing photos. Also included in the May 2014 issue is coverage of the scenario game "A Bridge Too Far," and reviews of the new Guerrilla Air G3 Air System, the Spyder MR5 dual platform marker and much more. Check it out HERE.

PaintballX3 Euro May issue is Live!

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Check out the latest issue of PaintballX3 Euro Magazine Live & Free Right HERE. This issue features coverage of the Millennium Series Med Cup, the Champions Paintball Series (CPS) Rome tournament, New Products, Product Reviews, Interview With Jim Rose of Enola Gaye, and much more! Check it out here.

PaintballX3 Russia, Premier Issue! PaintballX3 Россия - Первое издание - Май 2014

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The premier issue of PaintballX3 Russia is Live & Free right HERE. Check it out. Coverage of Millennium Series Med Cup, CPPS Round One, Russian Paintball Roundup (Hotball, Girl’s Cup and more), Champions Paintball League (CPS) Rome, Italy, product reviews and more!

April 2014 Edition of PaintballX3 Magazine is Live & Free

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We're back with another 100+ page edition of PaintballX3 Magazine. This one features coverage from HK Army's Surf City Open, the UWL Tennessee event, Carolina Cup tournament coverage, a Review of the Spyder Hammer 7 Pump-Gun and Miles Tactical Ghillie Suit, A Ninja Paintball Feature, interviews, new products and more. Check it out at http://www.joomag.com/magazine/paintballx3-magazine/0797432001397754194

PSP MAO Already Selling Out!

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While the first price hike in entry fees for the 2014 PSP Mid-Atlantic Open is not until tomorrow night (Tuesday, April 8th at 11:59 PM), at least two divisions will be selling out before then.  

PaintballX3 Adds Russian Language Edition - Русскоязычное издание журнала PaintballX3

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PaintballX3 Magazine is pleased to announce its new Russian language magazine edition, PaintballX3 Russia, debuting this April. The new Russian Edition will feature articles from the current issue of PaintballX3 Magazine each month (translated to Russian) as well as unique Russian-only content. PaintballX3 is partnering with Fire Groups and Vladimir Gorbovskiy to produce this unique PaintballX3 Russia magazine edition.

PaintballX3 Magazine March 2014 Issue is Live & Free! - 114 Pages!

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The Latest issue of PaintballX3 Magazine  (March, Issue #65) is live and free for your reading, rating, liking, and sharing pleasure. This issue features nearly 30 pages of PSP Dallas Open coverage, APLSoCal Open coverage, a Scenario Season Primer, End of Days Scenario. a Luxe OLED Review and much more! Check it out here: http://www.joomag.com/magazine/paintballx3-magazine/0328007001395464061

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