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Morph Fire Converter Review

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Ryan Levin and LevTec Add a New Dimension to Paintball Guns!

Sometimes a new invention comes about that makes a person say “I had no idea I wanted this, but I want this!” When the boss put a Spyder Fenix paintball gun on my desk I wasn’t quite sure where he was going with it, but I can promise I didn’t expect to wind up telling him he couldn’t have it back. But he can’t. I’m keeping it.

New Issue: PaintballX3 Magazine is Live & Free 162 Pages

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Check out the latest issue of PaintballX3 Magazine featuring mad coverage of the PSP World Cup, World Cup New Products, the New Morph Fire converter, the MAPL Masters, Scenario Team Type 3 Feature, Tippmann Crossover XVR Review, NPPL Las Vegas World Championships and MUCH more!

And the PSP Rankings Winner is...

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All season long, teams have been competing in the PSP as well as in PSP Affiliate Leagues in hopes of winning the all-over PSP World Series Championship.  It takes consistency and unwavering determination to stay on top and earn this prestigious title.

KEE Action Sports Acquires Kingman

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We don't want to brag, but we called this 4 weeks ago...

2013 PSP World Rankings

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Check out the latest PSP World Rankings.

11th Annual Paintball Event Raises $10,000 for Charity

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Georgia United Credit Union’s annual Credit Union Paintball Tournament continues to bring in significant dollars to support the Credit Union Political Action Committee (CUPAC) Fund.  A popular alternative to a traditional golf tournament fundraiser, the 2013 Georgia United Paintball Challenge raised approximately $10,000, after all expenses.

Zombies Overrun Freedom Paintball Park

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There's been a prison break and the inmates have escaped to Freedom … Pennsylvania. The “prisoners” now stalk the countryside. Luckily, Ryan Krischke of Wexford has 240,000 rounds of ammunition in his garage.

October PaintballX3 Euro Magazine, Live & Free

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The Latest & Greatest issue of PaintballX3 Euro Magazine is now live, free and available for your reading, commenting, rating, watching and highly addicting viewing pleasure.

Fantasy Paintball is HERE!

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PbNation, Pb Access and PSP Events are pleased to present Fantasy Paintball Beta.

Fantasy Paintball brings the on-field performances of the best players in the game, the sports premiere, high definition webcast coverage, and all the statistics captured by the PSP stats officials together into the first real-time contest between fans.

Paintball: Russian Army's Newest Weapon?

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A member of an advisory body to Russia’s government thinks he has found the silver bullet to make joining the country’s army more attractive to youngsters: paintball.





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