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Super User

Mighty Paintball’s Snapcage is a versatile tool for players, field owners and promoters. It can be used for practice shooting, target shooting, promotional events, trade shows, gun demos and more. This 24'L x 8'W x 7'H shooting cage is well made, durable and sure to last—and it’s as portable as they come. Pick one up now and get 2000 free reusableMighty Balls for feee. Check it out at MightyProducts.com.

It’s pretty much impossible to win a major tournament shooting an inferior paintball gun, so when Infamous and XSV won multiple tournaments this season shooting the Empire Axe it spoke volumes for the product.  Empire’s new LE-PPD Axe features the Freak Barrel (five Bore Sizes - .675, .680, .685, .690, .695), Redline foregrip and board and Joystick Interface with rubber seal. And this one is designed exclusively for PDD attendees. Check it out here.

Okay, so this is so new that we really don’t know much about it yet other than it looks very similar to the Hybrid Contract killer gear bag from a few years back. We’ll have more on this in our next issue. Check it out here.

Quality, durability, comfort, functionality and expandability—these are the qualities most players want in their tactical vests and these are exactly what you’ll get from NXe’s Light Infantry Tactical Vest. This modular system holds four standard size 140-round pods and it is expandable to seven pods with the three pod SP Harness (not included). The tank pouch holds up to a 91 cubic inch tank and straps for securing a remote line if that’s your preference. Also included are a radio pouch, expandable map reader, and course NX3 quality through and through. See the entire NXe product line here.

The Spyder Hammer 7 is a brand new marker from the makers of Kingman Paintball Products. This magazine fed marker is fully equipped to work with First Strike rounds and includes a First Strike capable magazine. The .45 caliber style pistol grip combined with the shotgun style pump foregrip make the Spyder Hammer 7 a very comfortable gun to handle on the field. If mounting accessories is your thing then the picatinny rails will be perfect for you and all your attachments. The Spyder Hammer 7 is primarily a magazine fed pump gun but also includes a feed neck so you can mount your favorite loader and increase your overall ammo capacity. Check it out at Spyder.tv

We rarely get excited by products like squeegees but Exalt Paintball’s Barrel Maid is really pretty awesome. First, there are several components that make up the Barrel Maid—and every one of them is 100 percent replaceable and 100 percent interchangeable.  The Barrel Maid is designed so it won’t unravel and it’s build on a durable, tough, flexible plastic material. The Rocket Disk is an all-weather seal that retracts during insertion to prevent paint going up your barrel, then expands as you pull back to remove everything in its way. Check it out at ExaltPaintball.com.

A few years ago DYE jumped into the scenario, woodsball and MilSim market with both feet.—with their NT11 DM Series marker and their tactical line of products. DYE’s newest tactical maneuver is the release of their DAM (DYE Assault Matrix) which was built from the ground up to be the ultimate product for tactical players—and it’s packed with features. The DAM has the ability to switch from a Magazine Fed system to a Loader Fed system with the flip of a switch, it can seamlessly change firing modes (semi, three round burst, full auto), comes standard with Picatinny rails for accessorizing, a gas-through frame, an easily maintainable bolt with a quick release system and built in hyper regulator, clamping feedneck, competition-style single trigger frame, Dye Tactical Sticky Grips, and much more. Check it out at DYEtactical.com.

The Eclipse HDE Camo Pod Pack offers versatility, quality, simplicity and comfort. Run small or increase the pack’s capacity through the fold-away elastic pod extenders. Increase your loadout with the additional hip attachment point and take advantage of the handy front ID card holder all crammed into a compact/lightweight product. Some of the features of the NDE Camo Pack include PVC detailed pod release grips, pod extenders to increase pack capacity, rip-stop fabric construction, padded lumbar support, additional hip loadout webbing attachment point, handy waist ID card pouch and more. PlanetEclipse.com.

The people behind the company known as GOG, the same people that introduced the original Shocker in 1995, now believe they have another game-changer in their new eNMEy pneumatic regulated spool valve marker. The eNMEy, due for release any day will be priced at the same level as your entry level blowback marker. “There’s no hammer, mainspring or sear in the eNMEy(TM). You’ve got to shoot it to believe it,” says GOG’s Adam Gardner, referring to the smooth performance made possible by the marker’s spool valve design. “That’s why we’re inviting paintball techs from around the world to take the eNMEy(TM) tech class free of charge at this year’s World Cup – and to leave with an eNMEy(TM) of their own.” Visit GOGpaintball.com for more.

Okay, so this product is so new that it’s not even out yet but there are pictures. All of the Spire internals are mounted on a tray, which is quickly removed with the slide of the convenient Tray Release Tab. The Spire Drive's Flex Cycle allows the Spire to feed even the most brittle paint and its spring loaded arms slide underneath and push jams out of the way before they occur. The Spire is small and it shoots Reballs and paintballs. Look for more about the Spire at VirtuePaintball.com. And when we get one of these in our hands we’ll be all over it here in New Product Spotlight.





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