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Check out the field layouts for the 2013 PSP World Cup!

Ninja Paintball is proud to announce our 2013 Pink Breast Cancer awareness tank. This system has our DURA matte finish in pink with a glossy white Ninja logo and the Breast Cancer awareness ribbon on the other side. The regulator you choose on this system will also include pink o-rings on the bonnet.

There's a new company about to try its hand in paintball. D3FY, a longtime airsoft manufacturer is soon to release its first paintball gun, the DS3. Not much is known about the gun at this time but we are endeavoring to get the details now. We'll keep you posted.

The latest issue of the world's most read paintball magazine is available now for your reading, watching, commenting, liking and interacting pleasure. This issue features coverage of the three-discipline Valken Cup, Scenario team feature with Team Arclight, Interviews with the brilliant Simon Stephens and Ledz (Planet Eclipse), Vanguard Demon Review, New Products, News and much more. Check it out HERE!

New ‘Crossover XVR’ Integrates Ten Performance Upgrades

Tippmann builds upon its Crossover platform after securing feedback from tournament players

The Millennium Series grand finale is happening now in France. Check out the webcast, it's live now and free! http://new.livestream.com/accounts/1614555/events/1784646

Check out the new Flash Paintball Cleats from Style Supply and KM Co-Production.

Bob Gurnsey saw the potential that this new found game had after that first time they played as a group in 1981. Gurnsey had just lost his ski shop business and was in financial straits, but knew this paintball thing could be big. So he went to his closest friends Charles Gaines and Hayes Noel and asked them for financial backing to start a new company called the National Survival Game. Noel put up $20,000, and in addition to the startup money, paid Gurnsey $139 a week to work on the project. Gaines went to work on the public relations side of things. In the meantime, articles about the first group game of paintball ran in Sports Illustrated and Sports Afield, creating a buzz that Gurnsey was sure would help things get started.

PSP has come to a decision regarding the incident at the PSP West Coast event in which the professional team TonTons Flinguers had numerous guns in excess of competitive allowances and safety standards.





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