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Charles Gaines’ preface in “The Official Survival Game Manual” tells one story--years later he remembered the early days slightly differently. Bob Gurnsey confirmed most of Gaines’ story but will also give you a slightly different version. To piece this story together we spoke directly to Gaines and Gurnsey, as well as Debra Dion Krischke, who was there for much of the beginnings. We also interviewed several other people that were there in the beginning.

Paintbal FactX #1

Summer 1970-1974
(U.S. patent 3,788, 298 issued on January 29, 1974)
Long Before the First Game Was Played, the Nelspot Marker and the “Paint-Ball”* Were Invented

While the first game of paintball wasn’t played until 1981, 1970 was surely a year that was important in the history of the sport. That was the year the Nelspot, the first paintball marker was designed.

What was the first paintgun you ever played with? For many players it was a semiautomatic. For some it may have even been an electronic marker capable of firing 20-plus non-toxic, biodegradable balls per second. It wasn’t that easy for those that played in the early 1980s though.

Planet Eclipse and Exalt Paintball have teamed up for this line of Bottle covers. Check out the fresh new colours.

From the NPPL: We are excited to announce the 2013 Series Finale for NPPL. We will be hosting the Las Vegas World Championship @ Las Vegas Xtreme Paintball Park.

From the NPPL: The fun continues at Paintball Explosion on Saturday after the matches!  We are hosting the Player's Party @ the Bar on-site and you will not want to miss it!! 

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As popularity of our sport grows more and more professional sports franchises are taking to the field as part of their team building program. The Pittsburgh Penguins are the latest team to take to the field. July 7th they brought their development program to the the closest paintball field to downtown Pittsburgh, Steeltown Paintball. http://www.steeltownpaitnball.com

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Three Rivers Paintball opened for business providing a unique outdoor adventure in 1983.  As one of the first  Paintball facilities in the country it was also the host site for the International Amateur Open (IAO) during it's 16 year run.





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